Sunday, April 12, 2015

My mom's road to chemotherapy.

Hello my two legged mom needs your help, Normally my mom is am a very private person handling issues internally but lately her life has taken a drastic turn and as a whole it has gotten bigger then herself and our small family to handle on their own. One day she noticed she started getting little brown spots like freckles all over her body then big burses started forming from just the simplest of touch. She jokingly called this her ripe banana syndrome. She went to the doctor and they told her that her body was attacking her platelets. To make a very long drawn out story short she has a rare blood disorder. The doctors do not know why she developed it and it is not responding to platelet transfusions, IGIV transfusions and she is having poor response to the steroids. This all means that she now has to have Chemotherapy. For months on end she will be taking treatments with unknown results or side affects. Normally as a person she can handle this sort of thing she thinks her whole life has been preparing her for just this situation. She however has dependents who need her as she is the sole provider for her disabled husband, my five fury siblings, and her four children. So it is with a humble heart that I call out to you and ask you to read her story at the link below and if you have the means give a little. If you do not have the monetary means it is fine I totally understand. She also appreciates all of the prayers and well wishes they are a great comfort.

Sally A Wolf Oncologist Fund

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Diary of Matilda The Sock Monkey day 24: Pretty in Pink! Interview with Miss Pearl the Pekingese.

I would like to welcome a special guest to my blog. A blog dog and author 
Miss Pearl the Pekingese 

 photo p1.jpg

Hello Miss Pearl.

1. Tell me a little bit about your theme song and lullaby. How did they come to be?

My Daddy and Mommy's friend Ren thought I needed a jingle so Mommy called her cousin Kevin Hupp who lives in NYC (he is music producer) and he spent 2 days in seclusion looking at my photos and when he emerged he created his masterpiece song, " Miss Pearl's Song". My song is so wholesome and upbeat, the guitar and drum work plus Kevin's voice makes this a fabulous piece of music. I love it, we play it all the time. Music is medicine. People of all ages tell me they can't get the lyrics out of their heads…mission accomplished.

2. How do you manage with all that hair?  
  photo p2.jpg

I have a fabulous hairstylist who knows how to groom a show dog. Actually my hair only needs a brushing/comb out once a day to untangle any knots. It's not as hard as people think it would be. My breed was intended to look this way and I have a fabulous coat that protects me from sunburns and bug bites. I visit the groomer about once a month.

3.  3. What is it lie to ride in a buggy? 
 photo p3.jpgI was afraid the first time however Shoko assured me it was Ok. The view is so much better..I  observe things I would never see from the ground plus I stay clean and safe. I love to walk but I tucker very easy then I hop in the buggy. I love to take beauty naps in my buggy, it's very snuggly inside. Lots of people have commented on FaceBook how much they like the pictures of me in my buggy.

 4. What did you like the most about being a show dog? The least? 
Meeting people is the best part. To this day, I love to greet delivery & repair people. I did like
the attention but for the most part I enjoyed meeting so many cool dogs and people. I would say the
thing I liked the least was the non stop grooming, every hair has to be in place.

 photo p4.jpg

5. What do you like most about being a mother?  
Obviously I love being a part of my little boy's life, we were apart for a few years and I missed him so much! He reminds me of my Daddy "Digby"who loved chasing balls too.

 photo p2.jpg

6. What is your favorite treat?  
Dehydrated duckI love Oriental food!

7. I am a blog dog also. Tell us a little bit about What can dogs and their people find there?
We were very fortunate to obtain the domain but it is a work in progress! I wanted all of my family, friends of loved ones featured on there, so people could peek inside my world. I believe every dog has a story to tell so I hope all dogs will feel special & beautiful because they are!

8. Almost dying sounds horrible. My mom believes that life is all about the journey not the destination. You not only beat death, but helped your two legged mom do the same. 
I was declared dead when I was 5, the Vet told my previous owner  I had passed away! I guess they were all crying in the waiting room..thinking I had died, but when the Vet returned for my body, I was awake! I don't recall what happened, all I know is I fought to live and I fought hardI lost a lot of blood so I don't recall much.
I guess God had other plans for me. There was a woman (my Mommy now) who would be waiting for me.  She had cancer and her beloved sister Cathi was ready to go to heaven. My mommy cries every time she thinks what happened to me, she tells me how courageous I am. She tells me I rescued her because she doesn't think she could have made it without me. When my Aunt Cathi died, Shoko & I knew something was terribly wrong and we were so good, we were angels and didn't do anything to upset Mommy. We wanted to comfort her. Dogs are known for their devotion!
What if anything did you learn about life that would help other in a similar situation?
I know I am very strong & brave. I don't focus on events that went wrong in my life..I enjoy every second of my life and am so grateful for my blessings! I wrote in my book after my hysterectomy, I wagged my tail at Dr. Ruth. My secret is to life is "Wag your tail"! It's infectious.

9. What inspired you to write this book and can we look forward to any others?
I didn't focus too much about the sadness in my life because everybody has their fair share. I wanted to make people smile, nothing else. I love the camera and to ham it up, but I feel a special calling to showcase my breed, since we are so endangered by puppy mill breeders. Pekingese have an incredible history that dates way back, I would be sad if our ancient pedigrees were lost for future generations.

10. Now that you are a successful author, a show dog, a model, and a mother, what are your plans for the future? 
Lots! I am going to surprise everybody. 

Thank you for sharing this book with my mom and I.
My Mom's review of Miss Pearls book:
Diva Pearl the Pekingese Life after Showbiz By Miss Pearl and Vicki Gattuso
Diva Pearl Pekingese: Life After Show Biz for a PekingeseDiva Pearl Pekingese: Life After Show Biz for a Pekingese by Vicki Paul Gattuso
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a cute little book about a pink-loving Pekingese. Miss Pearl lives in South Carolina with her bug-eating son and adopted parents. She is a two time Best of Breed winner and is on the cover of the Orient Express. Despite almost dying during child birth, this little ball of fun fought against death and won. This experience has filled her with deep wisdom, which she has graciously decided to share with the rest of the world when she is not at the beach or on a stroll with her nanny Miss Jacquelyn. You can find her Pearls of Wisdom on her blog I found this little book to be a wonderful look at the life of a Pekingese and I think that Pearl is very lucky to be surrounded by so many people who love her.

All photos of Miss Pearl are provided by Vivki Paul Gattuso and used with permission.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey Day 23 Courage To See With Out Eyes.

In “Show Dog Sings The Blues”, Talisman finds courage she never thought she had. Everyday, we come across real extraordinary creatures that find the courage to survive insurmountable odds. Recently I have had the pleasure of meeting Sassy the blind Basset Hound and her person Sarah. They have graciously agreed to visit with me to tell us their remarkable story.

(Q: Matilda) First, please tell me a little bit about yourself and how you became Sassy's heart person.

(A: Sarah) My husband and I own our own business and one day a customer of ours brought in two 13 week old basset puppies. My husband called me and said I have this really cute puppy here. At the time we had a 19 year old beagle mix so we were right at the point of deciding whether we were going to get another dog or take a little break. Then in comes Sassy, and I said, ‘okay, bring her home’. Since then, Sassy has had a great life. We fond out pretty quick she could train us to meet all her needs and wants.  Her beautiful brown eyes will get you every time.

(Q: Matilda) Please explain about Sassy's condition. When did you first notice that she was having difficulty?

(A: Sarah) When she was about eight or nine years old, she woke up one morning and her left eye was glazed over.  So I took her to our vet that has taken care of Sassy since she was thirteen weeks old and he said she had glaucoma in that eye. He measured the vision and it was not very good.

(Q: Matilda) Before resorting to surgery, what other things did you try?

(A: Sarah) The vet gave us drops to put in her eye every day, and that kept her comfortable for about 1 year. I asked my vet if  this was common in bassets he said, “Yeah when they get older, and it will probably travel to her other eye.” Well, exactly one year later on Easter day Sassy woke up and it had gone into her other eye. I could tell she was in a lot of pain so the next day we took her into our vet. We discussed our options with him. My husband and I both knew Sassy's eyes were her only problem, otherwise she was healthy. The vet gave us some more drops and put into her eyes but we had a tough decision to make.
(Q: Matilda) What are some of the resources you used to research these options?

(A: Sarah) I joined the Yahoo Basset Hound group and they helped me understand our options and educated me a lot as far as what could be done. We know how much dogs use their noses, especially this breed; her sense of smell was terrific. So since it is only my husband and I living at home with Sassy with no kids, we decided to let our vet take both her eyes out. We both strongly felt Sassy had some years yet to live. I always have Sassy monitored through any surgery; I took her in early one morning to drop her off, hoping they could take both eyes at one time so she would not have to go through the surgery twice. I went back home and just waited for a phone call to see if they were able to take both eyes out and just how she was doing. Around 3 o'clock they called me and said they were able to take both eyes and Sassy was doing fine. I was so glad everything went well. I called my husband and told him the good news. She had to stay at the vet for about two days but she was not eating, so they ask me to bring some of her food and see if I could get her too eat. When I got there, they lead me to a small room and brought her to me. She had pretty blue stitches in her eyes and was so happy that I was there but she kept going to the door. I knew she wanted to come home. I talked to the woman who did the surgery and asked if I could just take her home. I knew she would eat. She said okay as long as I called her if anything should happen. We brought her home and she went right to her dish, ate some food, drank a little water, and then took a long nap.

(Q: Matilda) After the surgery, what types of difficulties did you face? How drastically did it affect your daily routines?

(A: Sarah) The first couple of weeks were a learning process for Sassy and us. I decided that if my husband and I used the same words with her like turn or up and down, she would learn faster and it worked out perfectly. She listens to our voice and follows what we say.  The only thing was I could not move any furniture around because that would just confuse Sassy and make things more difficult for her. That was okay with us. I keep Sassy on a schedule as far as eating goes and that keeps her on schedule for potty times which works out just fine. She always acts like she is starving but that is only with her Daddy not with Mom.

(Q: Matilda)  Sorry I have to ask! Does she run into things? If so has it gotten better the more she is use to her situation?

(A: Sarah) Yes, she does run into things sometimes but she is now 12 years old and does not move fast so if she bumps into something it does not hurt her. She just takes a step back and goes around.

(Q: Matilda)  What type of post care did Sassy receive?

(A: Sarah) About 3 weeks after her surgery I took her back in to have her stitches taken out. They took her from me and when they brought her back she was happy because the stitches were gone. As of now she hasn't had any problems as far as us taking care of her or her needing anything special. You probably know that bassets have a way of getting what they want. I tease my husband and say, "This is Sassy's house, we just live here."

(Q: Matilda)  What kind of advice can you give to someone who is going through a similar situation?

(A: Sarah) The advice I would give someone who is thinking about going through this is, if you are a good heart person and know your dog like we did you pretty much know if the dog is up for the surgery. Then learn the way I did by joining Yahoo Basset Hound group. There are many people that have gone through this process and they helped me very much. It was important, because I was very scared. If you make the same decision we did, after the surgery and after your dog comes home it takes up a lot of your time to make sure they are recovering okay, but every household is different. I would not suggest this step for someone who has a lot of kids or other animals because it is a huge adjusting situation. We knew that Sassy had many years left so we took the chance. The surgery was four years ago and she is still okay. It all depends on what is going on in your home. It is a very expensive surgery. I would talk to your vet and make sure you know exactly how much it is going to cost and everything that could happen.

Matilda: OK Now that the boring stuff is out of the way lets get down to what is really important :)

(Q: Matilda)  What types of things do you and Sassy do for fun? How have those things stayed the same or changed since?

(A: Sarah) Things Sassy and I do for fun: Sassy has always loved toys that squeak. I would bring her one home from the store; she just loved that and she still does. She has her own basket of toys and she goes to the basket and picks one out when she wants to play. She likes to go for walks in the evening. I walk around the yard with her,  and she uses that nose to follow me, and  she finds me easily. She gets tired a little more often now than she used to.

(Q: Matilda)  When people loose one of their senses the others are heightened. Have you noticed the same type of thing with Sassy? Give examples.

(A: Sarah) Yes, I would say her senses became a lot stronger after the surgery. For instance she knows when daddy is coming home; she can smell him the minute he walks in the door, and then she starts barking at him like she is chewing him out for leaving home. Every evening she has to know where we are at all times. She will lie down for a while then she gets up and uses her nose to find us to make sure we are still here.

(Q: Matilda) This must have been a very traumatic thing for Sassy. What does she do to cope with this difficult situation?

(A: Sarah) Sassy deals with her situation by turning on her basset hound charm. If she wants something, she whines a little bit until one of us asks, “What do you want?” Usually it is to go outside or sometimes she is being a little lazy and wants to see how much she can get out of us. They are tricky little dogs and very smart. She already has me helping her up the steps outside. she puts her front paws on one step then I lift her back side up on the step then she moves up one step and I do the same. Since I started helping her with that, she will not come up by herself so she trained us pretty easily. She has steps up to her chair also. She will go up one step then whine a little and one of us will help her up.  There have been a couple times however when I have come to clean out her ears which she does not like, so she will try to get away from me by moving a little quicker than normal and go right up those stairs by herself. I laugh and say, “You little stinker!”

(Q: Matilda) What is Sassy’s favorite kind of food? Was it the same before?

(A: Sarah) Sassy’s favorite food is cookies and ice cream, which she does not get much of because it is not good for her. She eats 1/2 dry dog food and 1/2 can of soft mighty dog food and then whatever daddy is eating she will eat also. No the food has not changed at all.

(Q: Matilda) I like to look for socks in laundry baskets what is your favorite thing to do? Was it the same before?

(A: Sarah) Sassy’s favorite thing to do when she was younger was every day she would pull daddy's socks off his feet after he got home from work because she thought if she did that, he was going to stay home. Now her favorite thing to do is go for a walk, play on the floor with us, and of course, she loves her beauty naps.

(Q: Matilda) You have some very special heart people who seem to care a great deal about you what is your favorite thing about them.

(A: Sassy) My favorite thing about my heart people is I know how much they love me. I also know that I can pretty much get anything I want out of them.

(Q: Matilda) Thank you for joining us today do you have anything to add?

(A: Sarah) I do not regret anything. It has given us four more years to spend with Sassy, and that is all we can ask for right now. I hope this was enough. It was nice to talk to you, good luck with your blog. I have read it, it is cute, and I enjoyed it very much.

The pictures are provided by Sarah they are when they first got Sassy at 13 weeks old. The other is a picture of her now at 12 years old.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey Day 22 Talk To Me!

     Since I was a little pup one of my favorite past-times is to have someone read me stories. Recently my, Mom took the time to read me  Show Dog Sings The Blues by Devin O'branagan. I have to say that book is so free it makes you want to dance, and that is just what I did when she was done. Pleased with my joy, my Mom said that she knew Devin and that, this nice lady would happy to talk to me about her book and the dog she created an Australian Shepherd named Tali. I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. Then I remembered that I was a dog. What do I know about interviewing? What would  I say? My Mom being the smart lady that she is suggested that I practice on my doggy brothers and sisters first then I would have more confidence when it came to talking to Devin and Tali. Below is the my first attempt at being a reporter.

First up I would like to Welcome Kc the oldest member of our pack.

Every one of us has our own interesting beginning. In Show Dog Sings the Blues Tali explains that she came to find her heart person. KC can you tell me a bit about how you came to live here?

What Dear? You are going to have to speak up I can't hear you!


I am here because you told me you wanted to talk to me.


Oh why didn't you say so in the first place? Well I was just walking down I24 with a half a mind to see if I could get to the other side. There were cars and trucks wiszzzzzzzzzz.


Oh I am sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, then this car pulls off the side of the road and this man gets out. I run into the woods and bark at him. For almost a half and hour he just stands there telling me that I can come with him if I want to. He gets back in his car and drives away. I think to myself well, maybe I should have gone with him he did look friendly enough and his car looked really warm. So I start off running after him. Excuse me.

What are you doing? What is that smell can I sniff that too? NO! This is serious! KC Talk TO ME!

Sorry, All of a sudden there he was again and in his hand was the most delicious thing I had ever smelled a chicken sandwich.  I got in the car, ate the sandwich, and slept the rest of the way to my new home. He named me cheep chicken I have been here ever since.  Now if you excuse me all of this talk has made me tired ZZZZZZZZZZ.

Well thank you KC, I think! One down and four more to go. Hopefully the others will be more productive.

Well KC is asleep so I guess I will move on to my half sister Poppy Anne Bear The Chunky Monkey.

Hello Poppy thanks for helping me learn how to give interviews.

You said we were going outside to chase sticks.

We are after you talk to me.

Why can't we go now? I like sticks.

I have to learn how to give interviews.

Why? Chasing sticks is more fun.

I want to interview Tali and Devin and tell them how much I like them.

You could just lick them that always works for me.

You can't lick people though the computer.

Oh well then! Lets just go case sticks.

Oh Poppy please talk to me I want to do this right.

OK Sis ask your questions.

In Show Dog Sings the Blues Tali swaps places with her sister and gets to be a cow dog for the day. If you could change places with anyone who would it be?

Um...Someone who chases sticks?

Oh holy sock monkeys! Poppy you are dismissed.

Ya! Time to chase sticks! 

Well after a long time of watching my sister chase sticks I am ready to try this again with a fairly new comer to our family Moxy Fruvous.

Moxy thank you for taking the time to talk to me today.

You my love, are most beautiful when you are serious. I am lost in your big brown eyes and would do anything for you.

 Please Moxy, I like flattery as much as the next gal but I need you to pay attention.

I am sorry! 

Moxy, please you don't have to roll on your back  just sit up and talk to me. In her book Tali had to face her deepest fears. You have night terrors can you tell us about those?

I would rather not discuss that it is too painful! Is that food being served? Sound the alarm AROOOO! 

 Men! Their brains are all controlled by their stomachs..

I have one more chance to get this right maybe Tally Hall will be easier to talk to after lunch.

Thank you Tally for talking to me today.

Um... Ya OK.

Tally please stop licking my ear and talk to me.

OK Sorry!

When we have play time you are content to just sit and be held like a baby. Do you fancy yourself a pampered pooch like Tali?

Well I like to be snuggled don't you?

I am the one who is suppose to be asking the questions not you!


Oh Tally I am sorry, please don't go and stand in the corner and shake now. I didn't mean to yell at you. I do like to be snuggled.
OK! Can I be done now?
Yes, Tally thank you. He, is a man of little words but he knows what he likes.

Well my interviews have come to a close. I did have a fleeting thought to try and  interview the cat but she hissed at me when I got close, so I  figured that it was best to just leave her be. I think that I am going to have to find someone that is a little more serious to talk to next time. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey Day 21 A Dogs Life.

     My day consists of the fallowing at 9 am I wake up and I am fed breakfast then I am walked on a leash out the back door. Between 10 and  2 it is a mix of licking my sister and sleeping with a walk in there somewhere. At two we are fed lunch and walked again. Between 2 and 9 we get played with and petted to our hearts content. Then we are given supper walked and put to bed.
      Until, recently I thought every dogs life consisted of these simple things eating, sleeping, potty time, play, and petting. Recently my eyes have been opened however and I am not sure that I like what I have seen. Sometimes my mom puts me in my cage on the back porch so that I can get some fresh air and sunshine. From that vantage point I have witnessed something that has scared me for life. There is a group of dogs close by that there entire existence consists of  doing laps around 10 x 12 cages. Once a day they get a bucket of food thrown at them and sometimes but not offten they get a run in play area. My mom says that these dogs are bread as hunting dogs there only function is to find raccoons. They do not get to play with people or get a jolly good scratch on there rump and they go potty were they eat and sleep. This saddens them greatly to the point that they bark and howl all day and night. This barking causes their caretaker to come and yell at them if that does not make them quiet he hits the cage with a big stick. On really bad days when the barking has escalated to such a crescendo that  no amount of yelling quiets them the caretaker enters the cage and hits the dogs with a stick. This causes the dogs to spend long hours whimpering and limping around their cages until the pain subsides where in they start their endless barking again.  I wonder if these dogs got some love if they would spend less time barking and more time enjoying the finer things of life.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey Day 20 A blog dog!

     I knew that you might been worrying about me so I have taken a little brake from everything that I have been doing to give you an update. I know that it is has been awhile since I have written a new diary entry but I have been so busy.
     For starters I have this new blog site. Looks snazzy doesn't it? Mom worked really hard to move all of my entries over here so that it would be easier for people to read all about me! Next I am now on Twitter and I have my own fan page on Facebook. I have found that all those updates take time to write when you don't have any fingers. Next I am having my girl time again that means I am in pain, extremely sad and I sill can't find my babies. My sister Poppy the Chunky Monkey has been really kind to me. I don't mind her so much now that she is my bunk mate. She even cleans my ears when I whine and she keeps me company while I search the house over for those lost pups. Speaking of twitter. I am so proud, my mom was mentioned in the latest Devin O’Branagan’s Water Bowl Chat: Pets Who Tweet When asked " What your pets would tweet, if given the opportunity?" she said "My furbaby is already tweeting and she has more followers than I do.” and that I do He He.
     In other news, since I am now a grown up dog who can use the computer, I have found that I get more and more enjoyment out of sitting sphinx stile in the sun then I do running about. Poppy was playing with one of my human sisters yesterday and I just looked at them with my head to the side wondering what the big deal was, then I went and presented my aft section to my mom for a good scratching. When I am not sleeping, getting a good butt scratch, or tweeting you will find me at the counter surfing for human food. I don't understand why my humans keep giving me the stuff that I don't like and hording all the good stuff for themselves. I have tried to convey this to them by burring the nasty dog food in my blanket for Poppy to find later but they still give it to me anyway. Sometimes I get hungry or the if the Beagle Brothers try to take it, then eat it but I like to eat what I find on the counters better. This is aided by the simple fact I am a very tall dog who, when I stand on my back legs is nearly four feet tall. If I was human I could ride the veggie tales ride at Dolly Wood  that my human brother tells me all about. On a side note my mom just informed me that wouldn't be a good idea for me to do If I could since I get car sick on curvy roads. To bad it sounds fun. Well that is all that is new I will write more when something else important happens in the meantime don't forget to fallow me on twitter and Face book by clicking the links below.

Face Book

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Diary of Matilda The Sock Monkey Day 19 The biggest Happy Butt Dance Ever!

    Well after six months of living with Grandma in a condo I am finally home. There is so much to do and explore. I have done a giant happy butt dance though every square inch of this house and I have found out that outside is a whole other thing all together. The first thing that I discovered about my new place is that there are other four-legged creatures in the play area next door that Mom calls horses. They snort at me and run when I run. I have discovered they will even come up to the fence and sniff me if I am bold enough to approach them. I am a bit leery of them though so I think I will give 
    Today I found a hole in the fence, which I slipped through and went on an expedition to the neighbor's house and Mom and Dad had to come and get me in the car. I now have to be walked on a leash again. This is all right because I do not have to be hooked up in the house anymore.
    Well I am back in confinement today Dad says I have to stay in this room until they finish the floor in the big room. I have decided to teach them a lesson for locking me up again. With the help of my sister I will begin to pull all of the base boards off the wall then I will scratch the carpet till I make a hole and I will tare up all of the carpet pad. Sounds like fun right?
    I have completed my destruction just in time the big room is done and I am free now. Mom is only a bit mad at me for wrecking that room as they are getting new carpet and baseboards but she says I better not do that to the new stuff. I gave her my best “Who Me Look?”
    New carpet got installed today wow it is soft I keep rolling on it and rubbing head on it while running around in a circle. I have even claimed it as mine but I got a big spanking for that one so I will think twice from now on before tying that again.
    Update. My Dad brought home some weird things on the side of the road. He says they have stay in another part of the house and I am not able to play with them. I wonder what they are?
    Update. Today my Dad showed me the new things that he brought home after seven weeks and a trip to the vet. Yippee they are playthings. Mom says they male beagle brothers but I think they are just plain fun. We all run around the house and wrestle they know all about the best games. “Pinned ya again” “My head can fit in your mouth” and my personal favorite “Are your sure that back leg is not chicken.”
    Update: I got to ride in the car today when we took the trash to the dump and I didn't even get carsick. Dad says that if I can do that every time he will take me in the car when we go places. I can't wait.
     Update Mom got me a cage I was not so sure about it at first but as soon as she put the bed in it and the cover over it is a great place to sleep. The best part is at suppertime I can eat my food in peace and no little beagle brothers eat my food while I am trying to play with it.
    All in all I really like my new house and I am glad that I am here I am sure that it will provide me with lots of adventures that I can share with you all.

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey Day 18 Apartment life is not for me!

       I was really scared today everyone was running around our home moving boxes and stuffing things into bags. All my doggie sisters and I were hooked up with ropes and things we had a fenced play area and had no need for leashes. Even that four-legged scratchy creature that Mom calls a cat was put in a cage and we all got in the car. At first I thought this was great I love riding in the car, but if I had known where we were going I would have put up more of a fight. Instead of going to a cool place we moved into Grandma's condo and I hate it here. To start with I have to be walked on a leash instead of being let out into a play area. I have no place to run so I fixed this problem by figuring out how to get out of my caller and exploring my new world whenever I was being walked. Mom stopped that by buying me a harness. Next issue was that since Grandma thought that I was a puppy like my sister I had to be hooked up like her when I was in the house. I got her back for that one though my sister and I ate the wall and broke the handle of the door where were attached. Serves her right for treating me like a puppy I am two years old. It was not all bad though sometimes the kids came to pet me. My Dad even unhooks me, whenever Grandma is gone. I rewarded him by doing a very funny happy butt dance as Mom calls them. This happy butt dance entails me running around in circles chasing my tail then I dash off in one direction only to come to an abrupt sliding stop a moment later and change my direction I run back and forth for a while then circle again. This time off is not enough though; I hope that I get out of here soon.

I have decided to stop eating as a protest against being here. I am sick of being hooked up and Grandma and this other lady I have never seen before is always yelling at me. Dad and mom keep leaving and I am stuck hooked up all day except for when it is time to be walked on a leash outside.

Update 2:
We went home for one day then it was right back to Grandmas house. What did I do wrong?

Update 3:
Mom and dad have been gone a lot again and I have only been eating biscuits but we are out again.  I have decided I will only eat if someone hand feeds me. Grandma says today that I cannot be fed like that though and if I don't eat she takes my food away and gives it to KC.

Update 4:
Mom says that I am going to get a new home soon it has been so long I do not believe her and just look at her with my best sad eyes.

Update 5:
Rode in the car today for a long time today and I vomited all over Mom's shoes. When we got out of the car, I could not believe my eyes there was so much space everywhere.  We went into a building where my sister and I ran and played up and down the stairs in and out every door. Mom says this is our new home but I am not so sure as we all got back into the car and went back to Grandma's.

Update 6
Mom is loading our car like she did before and she says this is it. I get to move to the new house no more being at Grandma's. I think that will be grounds for the biggest happy but dance ever!

Diary of Matilda The Sock Monkey Day 17 Have you seen my babies?

            I have lost my babies there is no one to drink this milk that is dripping from me. I keep trying to get "Squeaky Lion" and a "Fur Real Kitten" to nurse but I just cannot find the right nest. I keep moving from bed to bed and then to under my dad's desk. I cannot fit all my babies in my mouth at the same time and have to go and collect them all one at a time. The problem with this is that when I leave them alone the little rat that my parents brought home keeps stealing them and running away.  I have been wondering around the house for days whining trying to tell my people that I am distressed. They just pat me on my head and send me on my way telling me that this false pregnancy will pass and that I will soon be alright. I don't feel alright. Today my mom set me up in her bed with my babies and a heating pad for my sore nipples. She even closed the door so Poppy will leave me alone. I do not think that this torture will ever end.      Well it has been almost two weeks and despite my doubts I am back to normal. I am no longer producing milk and, I do not need my toys as substitute babies anymore. Wow what an ordeal that was.

Diary of Matilda the Sock Monkey day 16 Heads vs. Tails.

Well this new thing is apparently going to stay with us. It now has a name Poppy Ann Bear. I am still weary of it as we are total opposites. For example she is black where I am white. I am long and skinny where she is short and fat. She eats all her food as quickly as she can then makes a beeline for mine. I on the other hand like to take my time eating and play with each and every morsel. I like to eat poop she avoids it at all costs she won't even poop in the same place twice. I am calm and quiet, she is loud and hyper. I only play with socks she plays with everything. I took forever to be potty trained she is already potty trained and even asked to go outside. She also loves the water bath time is play time as for me I cower and hide. Plus she is always following, nibbling and copying me. When I take a drink she takes a drink she then licks the dribbles off of my chin. Whenever, I turn around there she is. I am constantly looking behind myself to see if she is there by then it is too late she has already in front of me biting my ears.
I do have to admit however that despite all of that. This new thing has grown on me. For one thing it likes to play more then KC. I have even discovered, that on many occasions it has worn me out. We like to both play to see who can stick each others head in their mouth. Then we role on the floor and kick our feet at each other in a doggy stile girl fight. Sometimes I will take a sock ball and run sprints back and forth across the living room. She will dash after me and try to steel it. When she does I wonder off as if I don't care. She will then drop the ball to investigate where I am off to. When she does this I grab the ball and do the dash again. As soon as I get tired of out running her. I simply jump onto couch with it where she can not reach me.
In conclusion I guess that since this thing smells alright and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere, I will learn to tolerate it. Well, as long as it stays away from my biscuits.